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Celebration Cakes Made to Order

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Our Celebration Cakes are individually handcrafted to your specificaitons so that they will be a perfect  for whatever occasion you may be having.

 MG 5078057Our cakes range from 8”, 10” & 12” round or 14” & 16” square and for those who are having an extraordinary birthday or anniversary we have a full slab available, all our cakes are made from the lightest softest sponges layered with raspberry filling, and fresh cream finished with fresh cream and chocolate decoration with a greeting of your choice so whether it be kiddies parties or BIG kiddies 21st’s.

I’m sure we’ll have a cake for each and every one of you. Look out for more cakes as we post them up on line, we like to get some notice of your big day, that helps us make the freshest cake for you.


Soon we hope that you will be order on-line. In the meantime you can contact us by phone or mobile to order your special cake.  Call Martina on 095 21283 / 21937 or 087 411 8998